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Brazilian Blowouts: All you need to know


If you struggle with frizzy, curly, or just plain unruly massive amounts of hair, this one is for you!

Season changes tend to do a number on how your hair wears on a daily basis. In the winter months, hair tends to feel dry, dull and brittle. While in the summer months hair still dry, but cancel out the brittle and add in the dreaded 'F' word, FRIZZ. Or if you're especially lucky, you deal with a wonderful combination of several of these all year round.


I'm glad you asked! A Brazilian Blowout is a process where the cuticle of the hair is coated with a high dose of amino acids, creating a protective layer around the cuticle that will smooth out all the frizz- Think of it almost as laminating your hair. There are many different types of other treatments on the market that use chemicals to get the hair straight. But, the Brazilian Blowout doesn't mess with the natural texture of your hair. It simply just smooths it out, and makes curls appear softer, more hydrated and shiny, making it way easier to manage with zero down time.


Ideal candidates for a Brazilian Blowout are anyone that deals with:


-Damage or extremely dry hair

-Medium/Coarse texture

-Severe flat iron damage

-Overly processed hair


Your blowout can last for up to 3 months. That time will vary based upon exposure to salt, chlorine, or medications. This service cannot be performed on anyone while pregnant. As always, the type of shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products could effect the overall result and life of your blowout.


By reading this, you may have learned that this treatment is so much more than just a smoothing treatment. Currently $150 at The Beauty Factory (Normally $250) It provides so many key vitamins and nutrients, which will completely improve the overall health and radiance of your hair for up to 3 MONTHS and cut your styling time in HALF!

If you're able to arrange your color appointment within 14 days of a treatment, or if your schedule allows for it all in one sitting, you'll notice that your fresh color will last significantly longer= BONUS!

-See you on the other side of frizz!

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