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Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

Many brides are faced with the decision of choosing Airbrush Makeup or Traditional Makeup. I personally chose airbrush for my wedding day. In a huge Maggie Soterro gown, I hiked up a mountain in Hawaii in 85 degree weather for a once in a lifetime photo op (Hello sweat city) An hour and a half later, we finished and all of my makeup was still well in place, which is one of the many reasons why I just love it!

Don't get me wrong, traditional makeup is great as well, but there's just something magical about airbrush makeup! Here's some interesting facts and benefits of airbrush makeup, and why it’s the more preferred choice among 99% of our Brides here at The Beauty Factory:

Airbrush makeup is amazing because it leaves your skin looking smooth and flawless, and is guaranteed to last through tears, perspiration and at least 500 hugs or more :)


Applied with an airbrush system, it allows the makeup to be lightly misted on your face. It leaves your skin feeling very hydrated & light, avoiding the "cakey, dry, get this off of me feeling.” This makeup is smudge and water resistant lasting up to 16 hours. Many of my brides are surprised as to how relaxing and refreshing the application process is! This hypoallergenic makeup is misted onto the face, not rubbed in like that of traditional makeup, preventing any clogging of your pores.

Airbrush can also be used to cover acne scars, rosacea (redness of skin), tattoos, and any other unwanted skin pigmentation. Whether its light or full coverage you desire, we offer a plethora of custom blended skin tone shades that allow us to create absolutely stunning, head turning results that will flatter every skin tone and texture!

To inquire for availability, or to set up a trial please contact us directly:

(614)345-8542 or

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