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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial run?

I certainly do! It is highly recommended to schedule a trial, but not required for booking.


What happens at a trial? 

You’ll meet with Brittany at The Beauty Factory in order to create and discuss your overall day of glam vision. 


Why is a trial important you ask?

A trial is for both parties; It allows Brittany to become familiar with your vision. The trial also allows Brittany to officially determine the proper amount of time necessary in regards to the timeline specifics that will be created by Brittany in the future.  

I had the trial and now need to book with The Beauty Factory. How do I do this?

A contract must be filled out and a “Save the Date” deposit of $100 must be paid to reserve your date. The deposit is non-refundable and does not go towards services.


This can be paid via credit card, cash, PayPal, or in person. All major credit cards are accepted.


Why does my deposit not go towards services?

This is due to the cost of closing the salon during business hours and reserving spots for wedding clients.


I've already booked and had my trial, now what?

After booking with the beauty factory and receiving your trial, Pat yourself on the back because you've just checked one very important thing off of your ever-growing wedding checklist! From here on out the only thing left is for The Beauty Factory to create a timeline and email it over to you prior to your wedding date.


What do I need to do to my hair 24 hours prior to receiving my wedding day style?

Although it is not necessary to shampoo your hair on the day of, if you prefer to do so please make sure your hair is 100% dry. Please do not arrive with wet hair, this is key to keeping everyone on time. Everyone receiving hair/glam services needs to be ready to go when their appointment time is scheduled unless otherwise specified by Brittany.


What happens on the day of the wedding?

The Beauty Factory arrives at the previously agreed upon location and performed the services outside time.


Do you have a minimum dollar amount or people amount?

The minimum amount required to have Brittany on site is $500. Please see the price sheet or contact Brittany directly for specifics on how to reach that amount.


How many people can be served?

Upon availability, The Beauty Factory can take on any bridal party size. Larger parties may require additional artists and additional fees may apply.


How long does each person take?

30-45 minutes

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