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Host a Spray Tanning Party

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$35 Per Guest

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Grab your girlfriends and have a girls night in before a big night out or event!

 Spray Tanning parties are  based on the number of guests. Minimum of 6 guests required to be eligible  for on location Spray Tanning parties.


DISCLAIMER: If a guest cancels and the number of attendance drops below 6, guests will be required to come to The Beauty Factory; 77 S. Liberty Street Powell, Ohio 43065 in order to receive spray tans.

Spray Tanning Frequently asked questions

What is an Spray Tan?

Once an spray tan is applied, the sunless solution develops color on the outer layers of the skin and lasts until these layers slough off within the natural cell renewal process.

Do you customize the solution?

Yes, we customize the regular solution. We take several factors into consideration- Your skin type, hair color, eye color, existing base tan, and most importantly what shade of tan you desire. We will educate you on our products, and what type of realistic expectations you should have in mind.

How do I prep my skin for an Spray Tan?

Proper exfoliation and cleansing the skin free of any makeup, perfumes, deodorants, or lotions before an Spray Tan is applied ensures not only the removal of dead skin cells, but it also preps your skin for the best possible results. Performing these necessary steps prior to receiving your tan can aid in the longevity.

What should I wear to and during my Treatment?

Ladies, you are welcome to wear as little or as much as you are comfortable wearing- Just keep unwanted tan lines in mind! For post treatment, the looser clothes the better. This is very important during the first hour post tan! Dark, loose clothing will allow your newly bronzed skin to breathe, which will aid in the drying process.

What should I do immediately after I receive an Spray Tan?


You must refrain from water, or any activities that may cause perspiration 12 hours from your appointment. Just remember=Water is the enemy!


A single drop of water will effect the overall results of the tan. I highly recommend refraining from going anywhere else aside from home after you receive your tan. The application of a moisturizer (post shower) the morning after a spray an can also extend the life of your tan. The strength of the spray tan formula is also a factor when it comes to fading. If the underlying color of your natural skin allows you to receive a stronger, darker formula this can definitely produce a long lasting results.

Is it safe to get an Spray Tan while pregnant?

In general it is best to seek your physician's advice before proceeding with an Spray Tan while pregnant. There are no significant health risks known from the use of DHA, the tanning agent in Spray Tans. Still, why not proceed with an abundance of caution during this special time? May we suggest that you pursue a minimal cosmetic regimen during your pregnancy. We'll be glad to welcome you back as a customer with a healthy baby in tow!

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